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Crime prevention is everybody’s business

The Gardaí cannot fight crime alone without the support and cooperation of the community. Everybody has a role to play in attempting to prevent and reduce crime. I would encourage all members of the community to actively consider how they can contribute to this goal. These pamphlet contain basic information which will help you to improve your own security, and reduce the fear of crime and the risk of it occurring. The information provided promotes a safer, more secure and pleasant environment to both enjoy, live and work in.

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Crime Prevention:

Personal Safety

For downloads on “Streetwise” Click Here
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Home Security

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Vehicle Security

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General Security

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If you are experiencing Anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood, please contact your local county council and Garda Station.

A Mobile Phone Scam To Watch Out For 

Declan Waugh from Bandon got in touch because he felt readers might be interested to know of a relatively new mobile phone scam that operates via text messaging which he says could cost the unexpecting hundreds of euros.

“Recently, I was asked to examine the mobile phone of an elderly gentleman who could not understand how his mobile was costing so much each month,” he writes.

Waugh noticed that his friend was receiving text messages from a company which operates a premium rate messaging service, He says the company sent a text message to the mobile with an embedded web link

“If you open the text message, it can direct you to accepting a premium cost service without your knowledge,” he writes.  “In this case, the user unwittingly signed up to a service subscription that charged €2 for each text message received from the company,”  He says the man he was helping was “entirely unaware” he was being charged for a service he did not request, but could not understand at the same time how his mobile phone bill was so expensive.  Incredibly, he had received over 270 messages resulting in €540 being deducted from his mobile account.”

He describes it as “highway electronic robbery” and says “the practice should be outlawed immediately.  The people who are most susceptible are the elderly who may be unfamiliar with the technology.”

He suggests that readers check their mobile phone bills and text messages to ensure that they are not being similarly charged for a service without their knowledge


Reporting Anti Social Behaviour

Cork County Council’s Estate Management is primarily about making local authority estates better places to live in.  There are 5 Area Officers dealing with Estate Management, Anti-Social Behaviour and tenancy enforcement, who each deal with a designated area of the county, and carry out a range of services such as:
• Advice to Tenants on all details of their tenancy and Estate Management, such as development of Residents Associations
• Assist in problems that occur in estates.
• Investigate complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour & breach of tenancy

Contact Details are:

Housing Section ,

County Hall

Carrigrohane Road

Cork, Ireland

Eircode: T12 R2NC

Telephone: (021) 4276891


Crime Prevention Officer Cork County 

Ian O Callaghan

Bandon Garda Station,

Co. Cork

Telephone: (023) 52200