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Home Support Worker (Home Help)

Home Support Worker (used to be called Home Help) services are provided by the H.S.E. in order to assist people to remain in their own home and to avoid going in to long-term care. However, your local Health Office is not legally obliged to provide these services. The service is generally free to medical card holders although you may have to make a contribution towards the cost, even if you hold a medical card.  If you are in a position to pay the costs involved you can ask the HSE for an arrangement whereby the HSE has all the responsibilities of the employer while you pay the costs.
Home Support Workers provide personal care and practical support to incapacitated people living in their own homes. The service is based on assessed need and is mainly granted to clients over 65 years who are in receipt of a medical card and who meet the criteria for the service. The Public Health Nurse will call out and do an assessment on the person applying for a Home Support Worker.
Based on the clinical assessment the person may be given a Home Support Worker for a number of hours per week. This will also depend on resources available to the H.S.E.

You cannot have a family member as a Home Support Worker.

You can access this service through your Public Health Nurse.

For further information on Home Support Worker and Home Care packages please visit the following link under the heading “Health”.