How Do I ?

Age Friendly Business

It’s easy to make your business age friendly. Most age friendly practices are low or zero cost and can mean a big difference in your bottom line. Simple changes such as making your business easier to find, enter, move around and make purchases in are good for your customers and better for your business.

By advertising yourself as an age friendly business, you are letting older people know that you value their custom and you are committed to serving them. Join the Age Friendly Business community today and learn how to attract and retain this powerful customer base.
What is involved?
In four simple steps, you will be an Age Friendly Business.

  1. Identify a member of staff to act as a champion for age-friendliness
  2. Attend the information seminar in your area
  3. Consult with your older customers
  4. Create a Commitment to Age Friendliness with your first three actions.

Nationally, Age Friendly Business Recognition is a growing brand, supported by Chambers Ireland, the Age Friendly Counties Programme, Age and Opportunity and the Netwell Centre. This recognition allows customers to identify you as an age friendly business and publicises your business to older consumers.

You will get decal window sticker and be included in the directory of Age Friendly Businesses. We can also connect you to others in the age-friendly business network and provide a tool kit and support on how to give better service to older adults and in turn, increase your business.


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There are more than 500,000 people aged 65 plus now living in Ireland, with this number set to double in the next 20 years. This is a growing market segment, with large spending power – over 10 Billion in revenue declared income. The figures are just as relevant in Kildare, with the over 65 population  set to increase to 40,000 from 16,000 by 2031. An Age Friendly Business Recognition Programme aims to facilitate local businesses to tap into this growing market, while improving the experience of older shoppers.


We are starting by launching the program in Naas, capitalising on the Age Friendly status of the town. There are many “low-cost” or “no-cost” initiatives that businesses can implement in order facilitate older customers. By doing so, and through recognition as an Age Friendly Business, businesses can increase footfall from older people. These people have more purchasing power, more time to shop and are far more likely to repeat business. There are economic and social opportunities to people living longer and healthier lives, and this business recognition scheme aims to optimise them. After rollout in Naas, we aim to implement the process in each of the municipal districts, targeting one town at a time.


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