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The Kildare Age Friendly County Programme was launched in 2010 and is currently co-ordinated by Kildare County Council and an independent Chairperson, Tommy Murray. The program aims to work within existing community structures, networks and service providers in order to make Kildare a great place to grow old. The programme is led by the Kildare Age Friendly County Alliance, compromising older people’s representatives and senior decision makers from key public, private and not for profit agencies.



The County Alliance operates in conjunction with Age Friendly Ireland, the home of Ireland’s Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme, which is operational in every local authority in Ireland. The Age Friendly Cities and Counties Programme aims to make Ireland a truly great place in which to grow old. The Programme is built on the recognition of the valuable role that older people can and should play in shaping their communities for the better. The Programme is part of a worldwide, World Health Organisation inspired movement, filtering from an international context right down to a local level, through the Service Provider’s Forum’s in each municipal district.

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