How Do I ?



Each Age Friendly City or County initiative establishes a local Older People’s Council, as an early first step. Kildare Older Persons Council is a group of volunteers, who represent persons aged over 55 in Kildare. In many ways, they are the key group of the Kildare Age Friendly County Programme. The Council brings the concerns and experiences of older people to the Alliance and the voice of older people to the decision making process of the Age Friendly Initiative throughout the county and at national level through the Kildare Age Friendly Alliance.


Their main role is to act as a link between the Alliance and the older people of Kildare, identifying gaps in service and representing the needs and thoughts of older people in the county. The Older Persons Council make regular submissions to planning processes, ensuring the views of older people are recognised in consultation processes. Full council meetings take place four times a year, directing and coordinating the work of the council executive and identifying ways in which they can assist fellow Alliance partners.


The current Older Persons Council results from a general meeting held in May 2015, coordinated by the Kildare Age Friendly County Alliance. Following the meeting, an Executive Council was formed and elections were held to appoint representatives to the officer roles. This Executive Council meets four times year. A wider Older Persons Council group of interested persons is being set up and you can register your interest in joining this group and contact list at any time. An annual meeting will be held every year, providing updates on the program and information and services relevant to older people. If you are over 55 and would like to get involved, please register your interest by emailing