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About Louth Age Friendly County

Louth is the first age-friendly county in Ireland, and leads the way for others to follow.

The Louth Age Friendly County Programme is promoted and delivered by the Louth Age Friendly Alliance. The Louth Age Friendly County Strategy was developed on the 8 framework programme areas of the World Health Organisation Guidelines. The strategy was informed by older people in a widespread consultative process.

Louth Age Friendly


  • Provide a response to the demographic shift
  • Operate within existing structures
  • Find the voice of Older People
  • Develop a model that can work in any City/County
  • Challenge the Public Service to adapt and respond to change

Our Aims

  • To increase the participation of older people in the social, economic and cultural life of the community
  • To improve the health and well-being of older people
  • To achieve responsive service provision through cost effective partnerships
  • To lead the way in demonstrating the processes

strategy_doc_2010_thumbnailSuccess Stories

The Louth Age Friendly Initiative was the 11th entrant to the WHO Global Age Friendly Cities Network and the first county in Ireland to achieve that status. Louth hosted a delegation from the WHO conference in the DkIT where the fellow participants across the globe got the chance to see a successful model of Age Friendly planning and delivery.

The Journey

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Community Garda

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Step Down
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Interest Groups

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Drogheda District


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Care & Repair