How Do I ?

Feel good & get active

People always say “You’re only as old as you feel”. Well, it turns out to be true.
Science has proven that staying active keeps your body younger, no matter what it says on your birth cert! Half-an-hour each day is all it takes to turn back the clock.
Activities like going for a walk, doing the hoovering or playing a round of pitch and putt can make all the difference. Activity stops you from getting stiff. It keeps away colds and infections. It helps you avoid heart disease and diabetes. It keeps you sharp. And, best of all, it cheers you up and gives you energy!

You can get active at any age. Start off with a 10-minute activity like this:

  • Walk back from the local shop as if you are in a hurry,
  • Throw and catch a ball,
  • Go up and down the stairs or steps a few times.

Build on this until you are getting half-an- hour of health-enhancing physical activity each day. Make these activities part of your day and soon you won’t even notice you are doing them. But you will notice how much better you feel.

what can I do?

On my own…
You can get active in your own home or in your neighbourhood. Bring your dog out for a walk. Give your windows a good clean. Go for a swim. Plan to make an extra trip to the shop each day – anything that will get your heart beating a little faster. Do half-an-hour or three 10-minute bursts of activity.

With friends…
Maybe you are part of a group already or you go to a centre with your friends and neighbours. “Go for Life” can help to plan and to run activities that suit your group: bowling, golf, pitch and toss, swimming, dancing, walking and lots more. Once your group is up and running, talk to “Go for Life”,contact about a grant to buy equipment or to try something new. Call go for life on +353 (0)1 805 7709


Operation Transformation

Each January Operation Transformation teams up with the Irish Sports Council and the Local Sports Partnerships to organise a number of national events.

See National Website Operation Transformation

And Louth Local Sports Partnership