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Garda Safety Tips for Older People

Believe it or not – older persons are less often the victims of crime than many of their younger neighbours. Cases of assault are infrequent, although we would all love if they never happened at all.

Older persons are, however, subjected to burglary and thefts as frequently as the rest of the population. A lifetime of experience coupled with the physical problems associated with aging can make older persons feel vulnerable and more fearful of becoming a victim of crime.
In this handy download we cover:

  • Home Security
  • Burglary
  • Cash / Financial Security
  • Property
  • Scams
  • Out & About

Click to download this information booklet

If you are experiencing Anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood, please contact your local  County Council & Garda Station

Louth Local Authorities employ two full – time anti social behaviour investigations officers to deal with ASB in local authority houses/ estates.
Their remit extends to:

  • Local authority tenants
  • Rental Accommodation Scheme
  • Leasing tenants
  • Residents of purchased local authority houses who are not the owners.

Louth has an Anti Social Behaviour form that can be completed where people wish to make a complaint about anti social behaviour in their estates.
If you wish to make a complaint you will need to complete an application form and then return to your local housing office

Contact details Louth County Council, Housing Section at 042 9353 160 or