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“Go for Life”

The Go for Life Programme is getting older people more active, more often. It helps older people to plan and to lead activities and sports. They give talks and demonstrations about how to get more active, keep healthy and stay safe. They also fund groups who are getting older people more active. They have lots of ideas for activities that can be done – either alone or with friends. So why not get in touch with them.

Go for Life

Age & Opportunity
Marino Institute of Education Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9 Telephone: 01 805 7709

Go for Life is an Age & Opportunity initiative funded by the Irish Sports Council

Fit Line Project

This is a phone support service for older adults who want advice on becoming more physically active. There is no charge and people who register will receive a call every two weeks to see how they are doing.

To Register: T 01 805 7709

Activity Festivals

These are organised by your Local Sports Partnership to bring groups together to try new activities.

Advice to groups on filling out the Go for Life National Grant Scheme application form.

Go For Life is the national programme for sport and physical activity for older people. Its aim is to involve greater numbers of older people in all aspects of sport and physical activities.

Application forms can be requested by phone on

T01 805 77333 or by e-mail from

They can also be downloaded from:

Louth Local Sports Partnership

Louth Local Sports Partnership covers all of Louth. It runs a number of activities for older people in the Louth area.  For further details please contact Graham Russell at Louth Sports Partnership Tel: 042 932 4368

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Go For Life PAL’s Training It organises Physical Activity Leader (PAL) training. This is training for leaders for older adults’ groups. There is no charge for the training which takes place over 2 week ends. The training covers many aspects of leading physical activities.

You must arrange transport to the training session yourself. Training sessions take place at different venues. Once someone is trained as a leader they go back to their groups and lead their group in physical activity.

If you are interested in becoming a PAL please contact

Graham Russell
T 042 9324368