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Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses in Ireland are employed by the Health Service Executive (H.S.E.) to provide a range of health care services in the community. They are usually based in your local health centre and may be your first contact with the health services. The service consists of both home and health centre visits.
The Public Health Nurse can assist you with many problems and should be the first person to contact when in need of advice or information regarding health or services you may require.
The service is not necessarily confined to Medical Card holders.
Public Health Nurses provide a skilled Nursing Service to ill patients in the home and clinic setting and aftercare following discharge from hospital. In order to achieve maximum health and social gain, needs assessment of the elderly is carried out and services sourced/provided when necessary.

Please contact your local health centre for details

The following health centre contact details where Public Health Nurses work could be included:

Dublin Road, Dundalk. 042/9332287
Dundalk Primary Care Health Centre, Barrack St, Dundalk. 042/6820000
Redeemer Health Centre, Dundalk. 042/9386459
Carlingford Health Centre. 042/9383040
Castlebellingham Health Centre. 042/9382343
St. Laurence’s Primary Care Centre, Drogheda. 041/9775700
Ballsgrove Health Centre. 041/9833163
Clogherhead Health Centre. 041/9881364
Dunleer Health Centre. 041/6851369
Ardee Health Centre. 041/6835045
Peter Street Health Centre, 041 983 8605

When making a call to your Public Health Nurse you may not get directly through as they are out visiting patients but please leave a message and a call will be returned to you as soon as is possible.