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Stay Safe at Christmas

Everyone should enjoy Christmas but it is also a time to be safety conscious.  The  Fire Service asks people to follow some essential advice to have a safe and enjoyable Christmas:

  • Check your smoke alarms are in perfect working order.  Never remove batteries from a smoke alarm to use in children’s toys.
  • Keep Christmas trees away from heat sources including candles, heaters, fireplaces etc.  If you have a real Christmas tree, try to keep it in a water-filled container to avoid it drying out excessively.
  • Only buy Christmas lights marked with a recognised safety standard.  Try not to overload sockets.
  • Unplug all Christmas lights and electrical appliances and extinguish candles before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Ensure Christmas lights outdoors are suitable for outdoor use, check all wiring and follow manufacturer’s instructions.  Never use indoor extension leads outside, keep outdoor electrical connections above the ground and out of puddles and snow and ensure trees hung with Christmas lights are not touching power lines.
  • Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents and air currents and out of reach of children and pets.  Never use candles on Christmas trees, even artificial ones.
  • Extinguish cigarettes properly and do not allow ashtrays to get overfilled.
  • Make sure you dispose of your Christmas tree properly – never burn a real tree in a fireplace.