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Louth County Council aims to create a place where quality of life and well-being are experienced by everyone who lives, works and visits in  the county. In order to fulfil this aim, the Louth Joint Policing Committee together with the Peace and Reconciliation Partnership is developing a Community Safety Strategy based on a co-ordinated, partnership-based approach to policing.

 This strategy will support the valuable work being done by the statutory agencies across the county, while building on the excellent work already undertaken by the Peace III programme across a number of aspects of social and community life.

Your views are important to us. We  want  to know what you think and how you feel about community safety, and we invite you to participate in this confidential survey. Its results will be used by the Louth Joint Policing Committee and the Louth Peace and Reconciliation Partnership to develop a Community Safety Strategy for County Louth so that people, no matter who they are or where they live, can get on with one another without fear of crime, conflict or anti-social behaviour.

The survey will take you 10 minutes to complete.  For most questions you simply have to tick a box that reflects your answerThere  are also some open questions where you can give a more detailed answer.

Below are the links for the community safety survey.  There are three different categories:  a general one which is Community Safety Survey,  a young persons’ one, and one for business.

Young Person’s Community Safety Survey :

Community Safety Survey :

Business Survey.

  If you are completing the survey by paper, please return to Valerie Artherton, Peace and Reconciliation Partnership, Louth Co Council, Boyne Centre Council Offices, Drogheda. Co Louth by Friday July 25th 2014.

Results of the survey will be made available on



The Louth Age Friendly County Programme is seeking your opinion of older people to help us to shape policy and programmes that will allow a better quality of life for ageing in Louth.

You can help us by clicking into our survey by clicking here